We are far along in planning the keynote addresses for the conference. Each plenary will have a speaker from within our bioenergetic community, and someone from outside the community who can stretch our consciousness of the theme. We are still forming the program.

Here is what we have so far: (click on speaker's name for more information)

  • On the theme of social consciousness and action
    • Dr. Gabor Maté (May 26) who has gained an international reputation for speaking forcefully on issues of public mental health and substance abuse, will join us.
    • From within the bioenergetic community Cristina Francisco will tell us about the application of the principles of BA to public action.
  • On the theme of chronic relational trauma
    • Dr. Allen Kalpin (May 27) will share methods for working intensively in in-depth ways and in short-term formats with people traumatized early in life.
    • Dr. Scott Baum (May 27) will present both experientially an didactically a bioenergetic understanding of the effects of chronic relational trauma and what therapists can do in this very difficult area of therapeutic work.
  • On the theme of sexuality and its place in modern bioenergetic analysis as a way of understanding ourselves and our patients
    • From outside the bioenergetic community,Paul Lynch, will present a keynote (May 25). Information about his presentation will come soon.
    • From inside the bioenergetic community Dr. Helen Resneck (May 25) will speak about the legacy and the growing edge of our understanding of human sexuality and the place it holds in our work.

More information on these speakers and topics will come soon.

The Scientific Committee
  Scott Baum,
  Léia Cardenuto
  Alex Munroe
  Fina Pla
  Liane Zink

May 23 – 24Pre-Conference Training workshops

Two workshops for Students ONLY, who may have missed a training workshop in their regular Program and would want to make up for this missed workshop
Selection, Registration and payment of the fee will be handled directly by the IIBA office (NO online registration).
Please read information on the dedicated page by ... clicking here !